Plastic Business Cards

Submitted by Tarryn Corlet of Dark Side Design

Tough job? Plastic business cards are the slick, city cousins of traditional paper cards. Shiny, sleek and fun they are an eye catching way to promote your unique business… And they won’t fold under pressure.

Plastic cards can be cut into intriguing shapes.

Laser cut acrylic business cards Plastic business card

They can be paired with other technologies to tell your story in a brand new way.

Scratch or scan clear plastic business card design

These clear cards highlight the focus of the design, the business they promote.

High tech plastic card

This design uses an eye catching colour to great effect.

Green plastic business card

Who said plastic business cards are frivolous? These useful cards give you the opportunity to try a new hairdo over your passport photo. I know I look great in mine!

Interactive design for a hair salon

Another clever use of clear plastic. A double sided text puzzle, and a real talking point for your business.

Double sided transparent card for a graphic designer

Worried plastic cards are tacky? With a modern, minimalist design these cards are both eye catching and beautiful.

white plastic business cards

The best thing about plastic business cards is they are incredibly durable. They’ll be a long lasting reminder of your business long after you have moved on.

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