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Sophisticated Minimalist Letterpress Business Card Design

Sophisticated Minimalist Letterpress Business Card Design

Simple yet very effective design elements have been used here to create a sophisticated and sleek set of business cards. The cards have been letterpress printed with the main feature being the client's name in bold type on the front of the card. The name has been debossed using the blind press technique - usually no ink is used with this process and just the impression of the type into the paper makes the image, however a clear varnish has been used to make the image just that little bit clearer. The cards are made of triplexed paper - the rich chocolate card stock for the front card and the white card stock of the back have been laminated together with a turquoise layer sandwiched in between. This gives the elegant striped effect which would be impossible to achieve any other way and also makes the cards luxuriously thick.

Design by The Counter Press

Print by The Counter Press

For Dylan Stuart