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Humorous Personalised Business Cards For A Design Studio

Humorous Personalised Business Cards For A Design Studio

These cards have a great minimalist design using just black and white and clear, easy to read text. What really makes these cards memorable is that each employee in the studio has their own personalised card which describes something about their work ethic or personality in a humorous way. Minimal design may look simple but in order to pull it off the execution of the design and printing needs to be spot on. The cards have been printed on high quality Sirio 80 Black 480gsm which is a nice heavy stock with a matte black texture. The front of the card has been hot foil stamped to give a gloss effect to the black text, creating contrast against the matte paper. The all-important quote and information on the back of the card has been screen printed in white - when using a design of white text on black, screen printing is one of the best ways to get a proper opaque effect with the white ink.

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