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Unique Textured Letterpress Business Card Design

Unique Textured Letterpress Business Card Design

The printing on this card has been expertly executed to not only show off some great imagery but to also give this design some incredibly interesting texture which is reminiscent of the fabric on a pair of distressed jeans. The front of the card has been printed with a combination of inked and blind press letterpress printing. The blind press printing, where no ink is used on the printing plate, creates a deep impression into the card making the texture. The same design has been blind pressed on the white back of the cards which makes a nice echo of the front of the cards. The white card stock has been laminated to the charcoal coloured card stock used for the front of the cards in a process called duplexing. This not only gives the bicoloured finished cards but also makes them wonderfully thick and gives a striped edge effect which would be difficult to achieve any other way. The end effect is complex but well executed and all of the design elements complement each other very well.

Design by Berlin Ad + PR

Print by Fort Heavy Letterpress Studio

For Berlin Ad + PR