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Clever Customisable Edge Painted Letterpress Business Card Design

Clever Customisable Edge Painted Letterpress Business Card Design

These business cards were specifically designed to have the capacity for an employee to be able to personalise each card with a little message when handing them to a client, so as to make the interaction more meaningful. The cards have been letterpress printed, a technique which gives a nice texture to the cards as the printed text or images are pressed into the card at the time of printing. The speech bubble has been blind pressed, meaning that for this image there was no ink on the printing plate and the image is defined just by the impression left in the paper. It's here that a quirky quote or humorous message can be quickly and easily written. The handwritten element also makes it clear that personal attention to detail is an important aspect of this company. The die cut rounded edges presented some problems which needed to be overcome - it was difficult to get a clean edge initially as the card stock was so thick and it was also surprisingly tricky to do the edge painting on a rounded edge. However, with some perseverance these issues were sorted out for an excellent result.

Design by Meers

Print by Skylab Letterpress

For Meers