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Beautifully Textured Letterpress Business Card Design

Beautifully Textured Letterpress Business Card Design

This business card makes great use of the letterpress printing technique to give a subtle but beautiful texture to solid design. The card has first been printed in a dark blue tinted charcoal with just the logo left unprinted to show up in white and slightly raised from the background as if it had been embossed. The texture of the background was then printed with a blind deboss - where no ink is used and the printing plate is run through and makes an impression into the card stock. This didn't actually seem to have enough impact so the printers ran the deboss through again, this time using the same blue tinted charcoal ink that was used originally for the background. This gave the textured area a slightly darker tint which made it stand out nicely. This whole process shows how having a creative and professional printer can make a big difference when it comes to producing a stunning business card.

By The Working Assembly

For Wright & Goebel