Business cards for men (and other tough cookies)

Submitted by Tarryn Corlet of Dark Side Design

Think business cards are for wimps? You’re wrong! Check out these puppies:

This sawblade doubles as a drink coaster, making the ultimate business cards for men.

Sawblade business cards

Get armed and dangerous with a real rubber band gun business card.

Rubber band gun business cards

For the mechanically minded man, an engine diagram (in case you’ve forgotten).

Automotive business card

Safety first! These babies allow you to measure the depth of your tyres.

Tire gauge business card

No nonsense, functional cards, printed on real sandpaper.

Sand paper business card

These stainless steel business cards have been chemically etched to create a seriously hard edged fencing design.

Stainless steel card

Stake out your turf with a landscaping card that really walks the walk.

Grass business card

Pressed into termite infested bark, these cards have everything under control.

Termite control business card

These stainless steel dog tag business cards double as bottle openers.

Dog tag business card

And for the culinary gent, a real metal cheese grating business card.

Cheese grater business card

These cards aren’t afraid of the dark!

Glow in the dark business card

Tattoo shop chic. Wooden cards that show who’s boss.

Wooden letterpres business card

It doesn’t get tougher than concrete business cards. Pour yourself another line and harden up.

Concrete business card

Whether you’re a suave city suit or a rough and tumble bloke, take heart, there’s a business card out there for you.

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