Photography Business Cards

Many professionals feel it’s necessary to add a photograph to their business card along with contact information.Your photo will allow potential clients and customers to associate a face with the name and company as well as give your business card a professional appeal. Without the photo a customer or client might not remember who gave them the card or could even have you confused with someone else… like a competitor.

Most websites won’t charge you extra to add a photo. If this is the case with the website you use, take advantage of that. Adding a photo is really easy and won’t take a lot of extra time to add.

Before you begin anything, make sure the photo that you’re using is the correct one and it’s on your computer. Make sure that your photo is high quality and not too large of a file. If your file is too big, it won’t be too difficult to make the photo smaller without losing the quality of the photo. Don’t enlarge the photo, because doing that could cause the photo to look fuzzy or blurry. You want a crisp clear photo of yourself.

Now that you have your photo, it’s time to create a design for your card. Many websites will let you use an online template to help you design your business card. When it comes to designing your card, take your time. You want to find a business card that is going to suite both you and your company.

Next you will choose your font style and type in your information. Double check that all the information is correct. Typos can cost you a lot of money.

Now you’re going to upload your photo. Each website can be different, so be sure to correctly follow the directions. It may take a few minutes for your photo to upload onto the server. Once the photo has been uploaded, select the photo from the server. Some websites will allow you to crop the photo. If you feel it’s necessary to do that, go ahead and crop the photo. Once you’re photo looks great, hit finish.

You can no move the photo around on the business card. You can make the photo larger or smaller if you see fit. Once you’ve finished that hit save. It’s always best to save everything just in case.

If needed, modify your text to work with the photo.

If you’re satisfied with how your layout looks, start designing the back of the card. If you’re leaving your card blank continue to the next step. You will do to the back of the card exactly how you did the font. If you wish, you can add another logo or photo. Just go through the same process you did to complete the front of the business card.

Once you are done designing the front and back of your business card, it’s time to proofread. Making sure tat you haven’t mispelled anything or wrote the wrong information can save you a lot of money. This is why double and triple checking is extremely important.

Now that you’ve designed your business card it’s time to print it out. Most websites will allow you to order them through that website. They will print and mail out the business cards to you. If you have your own printer, put in your paper into the printer and hit print.

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