Glossy Business Card Samples

Not many companies know this, but using glossy business cards will give you an edge over your competition. There are many different advantages to choosing a glossy business card over the standard dull paper for a more appealing business card.

Although the glossy cards can cost you more money, these are considered as an investment to many people. Glossy business cards will reflect a higher quality image, which will be more appealing to your potential clients and customers. Investing in full color gloss will capture your potential clients eye. Catching someone’s eye and them remembering you is something worth investing in. Your business is an investment and anything you do that relates to your business is also an investment.

Glossy color business cards are the best quality in printing. They can show off color and graphics in high resolution and quality. When you’re printing in glossy you have the ability to have your images resemble a real life image. At least a lot closer to it’s real life image than any other type of paper used to print out business cards.

There are a few different types of glossy color copies that you can choose from. For eco-friendly recycled glossy you can go with paper mills. This way you won’t have to buy a low quality recycled paper to be environmentally friendly. “Green” is in and many companies are no switching to glossy color copies to promote going green.

Using a glossy color business card will capture someone’s attention instantly. These people are your potential clients and customers. Your business card will reflect you and your business. Using a better quality paper, it will reflect highly on your business and products.

Regular newspaper print paper is made of low quality and overtime it will discolor and become brittle when it gets exposed to too much light. Whereas with glossy paper, it has a really low probability of bleeding and your business card will last a lot longer. Your goal is to keep potential clients from throwing your card in the trash and switching to a glossy business card will do that.

If you take good care of your glossy business cards, they can last for years. Even in extreme heat conditions.

Unlike regular business cards, glossy paper is smooth and shiny. Both things alone are appealing to the eyes. The most popular magazines use this type of glossy paper.

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