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Unique Letterpress

Unique Letterpress

This business card is not only my first one as freelance designer but it's also a new kind of printing — letterpress printing — that I always wanted to test. I wanted to create a card that clients could really have in their hands and feel the quality of a good old cotton paper and the embossment on the two sides and especially on the 'M' logo which is a special character from my font called ORI I created for my own rebranding. The specs are a little bit different from conventional business cards : Dimensions: 60mm * 60 mm * 2mm / 0.236in * 0.236in * 0.079in Paper: natural felt paper - 500G Printing: 1 color (U Pantone Black) & two-sides embossment

By Hendrick Rolandez

For Hendrick Rolandez