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Tie-Shaped Business Card

Tie-Shaped Business Card

Since this artist had his hands in just about everything art-wise (architecture, advertising, painting, sculpture, interior design, poster design, print design, plus more) I took the brash and bold angle in which I presented him as that he 'is a big deal.'

'I AM the firm' reflects the idea that he was not just a designer, or poster artist, or graphic designer, but he was everything. He wasn't simply an artist, but an entire design firm.

Going off of his style of poster art (what he was most famous for), I took his name as his logo, and then a bold, direct, tie as the icon or 'product.' It seemed to me as the most appropriate symbol to portray a bold, brash, in-your-face, professional, and powerful impression.

By LUke Anspach

For Lucian Bern Hard