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Stainless Steel Business Card

Stainless Steel Business Card

A stainless steel metal business card designed by Noel Pelavin . This is a very unique stainless steel business card. The card is 100 % stainless steel with a (.5mm) thickness and all chemically etched. In addition, the business card has very interesting dimensions only being (just over 4” ) in length and (just over 1” ) in height. Adding to it’s beauty is a combination of bold fonts with a touch of elegance as seen in the logo of NRP. The business card has nice dynamic graphics with super crisp lettering with the top part of the refresh symbol completely etched out through the steel and as the top parts of the lettering in the logo of the (R) and (P). Card produced by the company out of California, USA.

By My Metal Business Card

For Noel Pelavin