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Retro Styled Die Cut and Letterpress Business Card Design

Retro Styled Die Cut and Letterpress Business Card Design

Jon Stapp designed his own company business card and worked with a specialist letterpress printing studio to get the result he wanted. The design of the card revolved around 1960's retro styling and Jon chose letterpress as the printing method as he felt it would reflect the logo and custom type well. A blind impression into the paper makes the background texture which gives extra dimension to the card. This is a process where the printing plate is pressed into the paper with no ink on the plate - just the impression is left behind. The impression will show on both sides of the paper and, as a different positioning was needed on the back of the card the front and back of the cards were printed separately and then laminated together after printing in a process known as duplexing. This gave a clean and very professional look to the cards whilst maintaining their vintage charm. A custom die-cut was used to provide a finish to the cards which really helps to distinguish them from the standard size and shape.

Design by Jon Stapp

For Atomic Vibe