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Philanthropy Gift Card

Philanthropy Gift Card

Our company, Bcause Media, develop creative marketing strategies to 'Amplify the Good' for businesses and nonprofits. Since our company's unique business is about giving, philanthropy and volunteering, we wanted to say that up front by creating a business card that had two purposes: Our contact information and a donation to a recipient's cause or charity. We contact TisBest Philanthropy Gift Cards and came up with the idea of making business cards with TisBest gift cards. We load up each card with $1. The person who receives a business card from us can donate to over 300 charities on the website. At the end of our service contract with our clients we send them another Bcause Media/TisBest card with 5% from our service fee and a thank you note. Just another example of how businesses can use custom charity gift cards to make a difference.

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