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Hebrew Business Card

Hebrew Business Card

Very unique card design with a laser-etched hebrew word 'Vavohu' — this word appears in the first book of the bible, genesis in teh 2nd verse. its meaning is a bit vague but it means 'void'. This piece, therefore, is a meditation on the notion of cosmogenesis, my aim being to reflect on the matter as it pertains to science, philosophy, and (specifically) motion design — and not to proselytize any religious views or conceptions.

The full intention of this piece is to elicit conversation: about the name, Vavohu, and its meaning, as well as the written portion's significance; both stemming from an introspective and philosophical aspect of myself and my work. Similarly, the unique process and approach to this project is meant to evoke a discussion about my professional work ethic and my interests as a designer. The most exciting thing about this project is the physical exchange that occurs when I hand out the business cards, and while I strongly value the importance of digital interactions, this 'off-line' networking tool reflects a changed world in a very unique way. Great way to really start a conversation and leave a lasting impression with just a business card!

By Hello Patches

For Adam Glucksman