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Handmade Stamped Letterpress Effect Business Card

Handmade Stamped Letterpress Effect Business Card

Letterpress cards look awesome but they are generally expensive to print. Here's a DIY version that gives a letterpress effect on a budget. A custom made stamp and custom embossing tool were the main items used to make these cards. The card stock was cut to size first, using a paper guillotine. Then, the cards were stamped with the custom stamp and the embossing tool was used to emboss a logo into the centre of the stamped area. The cards can be produced quite quickly for handmade cards and different effects can be had by using different ink colours or papers. The other benefit is that more cards can be produced on demand, in a hurry if need be! Many people have used custom stamps to make their own business card but combining the stamp with the textured surface from the embossing tool takes this handmade card to a new level.

By Leovisualmente

For Leo Mesa