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Hand Drawn Typography On A Silkscreened Business Card

Hand Drawn Typography On A Silkscreened Business Card

These amazing business cards were designed by and for a printing studio which then went ahead and of course printed the cards themselves so as to demonstrate their prowess. They used a technique which is less common now but which produces lovely results. The cards have been silkscreened which gives a great handcrafted and personal feel to the cards. To add to this, the details on the back of the card have been laid out in hand drawn typography which supplements the boutique aspect of the printing studio and the image they want to put forward. The cards are made from an extra thick duplexed paper, where two layers of paper have been laminated together to give the thickness and strength. Cleverly, they aligned the grains of each layer perpendicularly so as to minimise any curling of the paper once the adhesive had dried.

Design by Charles Robertson

Print by Sediment Press

For Sediment Press