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Expertly Printed Letterpress And Die Cut Business Cards

Expertly Printed Letterpress And Die Cut Business Cards

The design elements for these cards are a simple combination of a bold colour palette, a die cut shape and minimalistic design to keep things clean and uncluttered. The cards have been beautifully letterpress printed by a studio which specialises in this and are very experienced in what they do. The logo has been printed with a deep impression into the thick orange card which makes up the front of the card. Contact details have been printed on high quality white card stock which has then been laminated to the orange card stock to create a thicker, more substantial card which is orange on the front and white on the back. This process, called duplexing, also has the very nice effect of an orange and white stripe when the cars is viewed from the side, something which becomes even more striking when the cards are stacked. The cards have been die cut to round off two of the corners. The printing and cutting have been done so expertly - you can really see that these are high quality cards.

By Lettera Magica

For Skill Lab