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DIY Edge Painted Business Cards

DIY Edge Painted Business Cards

When crafty blogger Stephanie Hayward decided to have some business cards printed she opted for doing the edge painting herself. She had the cards printed by on their luxe card stock which proved to be of a thickness and quality which was ideal for Steph's project. First up she tried the method of clamping the cards together and then spray painting the edges, but found that the thin consistency of the spray paint led to unacceptable bleeding onto the faces of the cards. Ultimately she found that the method which worked best was to stack the cards and then place a heavy object on the stack to press them down. Then she used acrylic paints in tasty pastel colours and applied the paint using a foam brush. This gave an excellent effect with no bleeding with the only difficulty being that as the paint dried it had a tendency to make individual cards stick together a little and as such some time was required to pry the cards apart.

By Stephanie Hayward

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