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Custom Laser Etched Wooden Slim Profile Business Card

Custom Laser Etched Wooden Slim Profile Business Card

James Dormer Schneider has done a lot of graphic work in the past which involved designs placed onto skateboards and planks of wood, from which he coined the term 'Boardinker' to describe himself. For his new business card he wanted to give a nod to his past use of designs on wood as well as showing off his own graphic style. Different types of wood such as cherry, maple and oak were used as base materials for the cards and each type lent its own characteristics to the finished product. A white laminate was applied to the pieces of wood and the the design was laser etched into the surface which ultimately made the illustrative style of the graphics stand out very well against the wood grain. Some experimenting was needed to come up with the end result which stands out from the usual appearance of plain laser etching. The slimmer long rectangular profile of the cards is also a nice touch which suits the design well while adding a classy flair.

By James Dormer Schneider

For James Dormer Schneider