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Creative Gradient Edge Painted Business Card Design

Creative Gradient Edge Painted Business Card Design

IS Creative Studio designed a set of their own business cards and won two important prizes at the 2011 Brand New Awards. Their brand name IS stands for “Ingrediente Secreto” which translates as "Secret Ingredient" so to give a mysterious touch they censored their own logo by blacking out the type on the front of the cards. On the back, some lettering is "censored" too but all the appropriate contact details are still there so that clients can get in touch.

They were going for a minimal feel but felt that the cards needed a pop of colour. With some diffculty an offset printer who could print on extra thick 480gsm paper was found and this allowed some experimentation with edge painting. The printer couldn't do the edge painting so this turned out to be a DIY job, using an airbrush to paint two colours which grade into each other on the edges of the cards. They tried quite a few different combinations, with the favourite being the neon pink into neon orange combination.

Design by IS Creative Studio

For IS Creative Studio