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Clever Bold Business Card Design For A Design Studio

Clever Bold Business Card Design For A Design Studio

These cards were designed by and for a two man British based design company, run by Ash O’Brien and Ian Caulkett. The design of the cards capitalises on the name of the company and uses an oversized font for the logo, which spreads over two cards. When the cards are matched up, puzzle-style, the whole logo can be read. Each of the proprietors has one half of the set showing how they work together but have their own separate personalities and contributions to make. The use of two very bold, contrasting colours also supports this message whilst making the cards very eye-catching. The cards have been duplexed, with one side being printed on the blue card stock and the other side being printed separately on orange card stock. The two stocks have then been laminated together to create the final cards.

Design by Two Of Us

For Two Of Us