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Cinema Candy Design

Cinema Candy Design

We’re very excited to present our amazingly talented client Cinema Candy. We brought the concept of cinema and weddings together with this lovely logo. The film reel, although an older tool in the industry, still represents video as we have it today. The engagement ring, was the perfect shape and symbol we needed to complete the thought. The wedding industry is a very competitive one, so our client Cinema Candy needed a business card that stood out among his competitors. We chose a 220# chipboard with one ink letterpress to not only wow the brides to be but to make a lasting impression when they meet Cinema Candy. We added a sense of human touch and brand colors with the custom stamps we had made specifically for this project, which leads us to the final product. Stay tuned for the website, it’s going to be beautiful!
We finally did it: chipboard, letterpress, and stamps all in one project. Can I get an amen?

By Drip Drop Creative

For Cinema Candy