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Branded Business Cards

Branded Business Cards

These are cards are part of a branding effort with my commercial photography business. Along with a new website, portfolio, and books, these cards were to be an instrument to further tie the theme together. The color palette and fonts match the look of my site, with white as the main color, grey for the text, and orange for the navigation. I chose to do a blind de bossing for the front using no in k and relying on the impression into the stock to show the name and pattern. The back side of the card uses silver ink and is letterpressed with my contact info. The orange edge coloring gives a subtle pop of color without being overbearing. It also attenuates the thickness of the stock. These were printed by Dolce Press in NY and were done on 220 lbs cotton lettra stock in flourecent white.

By Christian Garbaldi

For Christian Garibaldi