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Brand Manager Personal Card

Brand Manager Personal Card

Text: 'My name is Sanda and I live on the second floor. You just started to sing, didn’t you? Don’t worry, it’s normal. Everyone does that :) I work as a Brand Manager at Sultan d.o.o. Croatia, where I'm happily surrounded with supernice kickass brands such as Burton, GoPro, Globe, Nikita... I sure love to lose my phones in the snow or drown them in the water, but sometimes I’m reachable at +385 99 2727 777. Getting e-mails from someone is my joy, so feel free to write me at Please, use the very same e-mail address to find me on Skype, but be aware; i don’t do any dirty talks unless your father is a king, and you ride a white horse. Well groomed of course!'

By Ivan Dilberovic

For Sanda Jelicic