Full Color Business Cards

When you’re designing your business card, here is one rule to follow. Don’t be afraid of color. Many business owners create black and white business cards, but they just turn out dull and boring. Get creative. You want your card to stand out and stay out of the trash. You want your business card to scream, “Hey look at me!”

When design your business card, only use one or two base colors and then build up from that. You don’t want to use too many colors or images since that will make your card look cluttered. You want your colors to resemble your company and products in some way. When designing a color card, you have to stick to one or two base colors and build the design up from that.

According to experts, using colors makes people more receptive to advertising. Apart from the plastic or metal business cards color can really make the card pop. The most popular colors out there are red and blue. In a study that checked cognitive responses using different colors, blue and red were the most responsive. It was shown that business card with text on a red background was the favorite among the majority of the participant readers. Using a blue background evoked a creative response from the audience. According to experts, it’s through that the other color stems from a “red is for danger” perception that’s only used as a warning sign. With the color blue, it’s the opposite. People relate blue with openness and the sea. This in turn makes your imagination going crazy.

This idea can be translated and factored into any new company that’s trying to brand their products through design. When you use a full color palette, you are able to influence someone’s mood. This is great when you’re preparing a marketing or promotional tool: your business card. Can’t choose between red and blue? If your design has great detail, then red coloring is the best option. If you want to go the creative route with your business card, blue will definitely be your best bet.

You’re not just communicating with your potential clients and customers with your full color business card, but you’re talking to the unconscious through your color palettes. Take advantage of that by using colors in your business card. If you can influence your potential client, you would. You’re a businessman and you’re trying to sell yourself and your products.

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