Die-Cut Business Cards

Creating traditional 3" x 2 1/2" business cards might just cause you a big problem: your design will look just like every other 3" x 2 1/2" rectangle card in the world. If you want a memorable card that stands out everywhere it goes, you'll need something a lot more creative.

That's where custom die-cuts come in. They let you cut your card into virtually any shape for a design that's unique to your brand. Making your die-cut card functional can be a bit of a challenge, so it's a good idea to work with a business card designer who can help you create a usable design and navigate the manufacturing process.

Here are some of the coolest die-cut business cards from CardObserver.com to help inspire you:

Round Business Cards


These clever little cards are the polar opposite of a rectangle. The circle has smooth edges for a friendly and fun design. Its soft shape also makes it seem more youthful, making round die-cut cards a great fit for kid-focused brands.

Geometric Shaped Business Cards


When you want a card to have a strong shape yet still look unusual, remember that the rectangle isn't the only shape around. You can choose other geometric shapes, like this cool hexagon card, to give your brand a unique look.

Die-Cut Logo Business Cards


You can use die-cutting to emphasize a certain aspect of your brand identity. Recipients likely won't be expecting a hole in the middle of your business card, so of course, they'll want a closer look—and that's when they'll see the die-cut is actually your logo.

Product Shaped Business Cards


Business cards shaped like your products are another great way to reinforce your brand identity; anyone who sees your card will know exactly what you do. Product shaped die-cuts are especially popular in the food industry—looking at these cookie cards is enough to make anybody hungry.



Most people retain more information when they interact with an object, instead of just looking at it. Die-cutting lets you create interactive business cards that help people remember your brand. For instance, this housekeeping business card converts into a miniature house to remind clients what the company does.

Usable Business Cards


Most business cards are destined to waste away in junk drawers because—other than helping people call you—they really aren't that useful. If you want to make your clients happy, give them a business card they can use, like this cool Spaghett-O-Meter.

Rectangle-Based Business Cards


Custom die-cuts can get as wild as you want, but for some brands, less is more. If you want to take a subtle approach, you can restyle a traditional rectangle by reshaping the corners or adding some classy curves, like this photographer's card.

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