Business Card Templates

Creating business cards can be easy and at times tricky. Do you use a lot of color? No color? Vertical cards vs. horizontal cards? Business owners know you have to spend money to make money. The most powerful way to market yourself and your company is through business cards. The good news, business cards will be the most inexpensive part of starting your own business.

According to many business experts, the design you create for your business card is going to reflect the image you wish to convey to others about your business. The business card is creating an impression about the quality of service your business serves or the products you’re selling.

Business cards come in a variety of shape, sizes, colors and styles. Your possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a stylish business card. It can be at times difficult deciding what style will fit the requirements you are looking for. The first thing to remember is, “who are your clients?” and how are you going to attract them to your business. You want the business to card to stand out; otherwise it’ll just end up in the garbage can.

To help make things easier, below are some great websites and business card templates you can utilize to help create the most stylish business card for your business.

Many companies opt for a more simple yet sleek style for their business card. Sometimes even the simplest designs can be the most effective. Your text is easy to read and your color choices won’t blind your clients. Here is a great example of a simple yet sleek style of business card.

The next simple design is the same. The only difference is the background color was switched and your text went from the bottom of the card to the top. Just simple changes like this can make a huge difference in your design.

To show potential clients or customers who you are as a business, many companies will go the logo route. Showing a simple image can convey your message perfectly. For example, if you’re a cell phone company, using a simple image of a cell phone will work perfectly.

People create websites for a reason. So that everyone can take advantage and put them to good use. A website like is a free website that gives you stylish business cards and template to use. The different types of cards they have on there are endless and they would be useful for any time of business.

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