Business Card Printers

Many small business owners are on a tight budget. After all, you are trying to get your startup company off the ground and running and because of that, you don’t exactly have the biggest budget to spend on promoting and marketing your company.

Anyone will tell you that the most important and best way to market your company is through business cards. The downside is that business cards can cost quite a bit of money if you don’t shop around to find the best deals.

Whether you decide to go with a printing company that specializes in printing business cards or using your own printer to help save a few dollars, you still need to shop around. Don’t just settle on the first place you find. Do some research to find the best deals online. You’d be surprised to see what cards you can find on a budget. A little research can really go a long way.

At Visa print your options are endless. You can design your own business card right on the website or you can choose from their hundreds of business card templates. For just $3.99 you can create and print 250 business cards. That’s plenty for any new start up company and you didn’t even spend a lot.

Professor Print is another great and affordable website that lets you create and print your own business cards. The prices vary on this site because you have different options on the type of business card. You can choose from: Raised Print Business Cards, Full Color Business Cards, Plastic Business Cards, Magnetic Business Cards and Metal Business Cards. Browse around the website to pick the type of card and the design you think fits best for your company.

These websites will do the printing for you. You’re ordering your business cards and they’ll make, print and send them to you.

Many business owners will opt to create and print the cards themselves. While you’re going to spend a little more on the printer, you could in the end save money on printing the cards. $4 for 250 cards is a great deal, but it will add up and quickly if your business does really well.

Be prepared. You may be spending a couple hundred dollars on this printer. For example the Xerox Phaser 6125 that prints in color will cost you $349. That’s the starting out price.

To find the best printer, do some researching and browsing. Your best bet is to check out Staples, Office Max, Office Depot and Best Buy. They’re all reputable stores and they’re always willing to match their competition’s prices.

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