World’s Most Expensive Business Card

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World’s Most Expensive Business Card

The World’s Most Expensive Business Card. 6 unique printing processes, laser diecutting, 3 different papers, and a fortune! There are 50 different fortunes randomly sprinkled throughout all of the cards. You never know what you’re going to get. Papers: Plike (black) Plike (white) Classic Crest Print processes: Laser diecutting Steel rule diecutting (3 different diecuts) Thermography Fluorescent Ink Silver Ink Fortune insert

By Clifton Alexander & Chase Wilson

For Clifton Alexander & Chase Wilson


  • 05.05.11

    and the cost …?

  • 05.05.11
    Clifton Alexander - REACTOR

    Hard costs for this card (printing, die-cutting, etc) are close to $8/piece. Plus factor around 100 hours between two designers for design and engineering and around 5-8 hours for the initial assembly of 200 cards.

    As a design studio that focuses exclusively on print design, it’s worth every penny for us. If someone asks us what we do, we just hand them a card.

    One other thing to note is that if you follow a secret link printed directly on the fortune and enter your fortune into our website with your address, we send you some buttons and swag. Samples of fortunes that have appeared on our cards are here:

  • 05.06.11

    all the time and money XD

  • 05.25.11

    Very cool Reactor, We’ve had a couple unique BC Jobs, but nothing close to this.

  • 05.26.11
    Alex Pankratov

    Good stuff. Must be hard to give them away, eh? :)

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  • 06.17.11
    Kevin Burr

    Ooooh, I want one of these. Would you be willing to mail me one? Email me. Kevin [at] ocularink [dot] com.

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