War Relic Business Design

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War Relic Business Design

I was sub-contracted to participate in the logo and business card design. PC Med Center also built a webpage and some other branding materials. inspiration // WWII relics: The company buys and sells WWII artifacts, so the logo carries elements from medals and badges, germanic/gothic lettering, and German officers’ swords. The theme is carried into the card, providing the shape for the die-cut and a grungy city background inspired by an industrial war / grungy dilapidation concept. The banners and logo are a throwback to propaganda of the time as well. features // spot gloss on the banner and logo. die-cut. silk finish. 16pt stock.

By Brian @ UnfallenArt

For PC Med Center


  • 05.30.12
    Brian Lucas

    Thanks for posting this! Always stoked to see the great work here, and honored to be included!

  • 05.10.14
    Dante gambino

    Just wanted to say that we get endless compliments on the logo and cards. The design team was very helpful and worked with us to achieve a truly amazing logo.

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