Vintage Style Business Card

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Vintage Style Business Card

This card and our graphic inspiration was created using a vintage style. The Estúdio Triciclo loves to bring together typewriter script, old papers and experimental studies. This card has two fronts: one for each designer.

By Estudio Triciclo

For Estudio Triciclo


  • 09.24.12
    precious smith

    I think vintage design for business card isn’t a bad idea. I think it is unique and very catchy. Thanks for sharing this idea.

  • 10.15.12
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  • 09.13.13
    名刺ビジネスカードコレクション1000+!かっこよくておしゃれなデザイン・アイディア抜群の名刺ビジネスカード第1部 | co-jin

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