Tree in the Sky

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Tree in the Sky

Tree in the Sky: a bright, fresh, and unique graphic design studio. A nice play with the colors for the business card.

By Tree in the Sky


  • 06.15.09
    Alex Pankratov

    Very nice. May not work well for the colourblind people though :-)

  • 06.15.09
    Tan Tran

    Lovely =D

  • 06.16.09

    Absolutely fabulous. Love the idea.

  • 06.16.09

    Thanks, guys!

  • 06.18.09

    I love this card. Great colours and design!

  • 06.19.09

    cute colors but I think the “eff the colorblind” sort of logos are getting to be a little too common, which isn’t a good way to represent a unique studio.

  • 06.22.09
    Fabiano Coelho

    Congrats, really nice. One of my favs, that’s for sure :)

  • 06.22.09

    I’ve seen this style of logos and imagery come about recently and being colorblind they just build anxiety and resentment towards them. If there is anything in the Ishihara pattern the colorblind probably will not see it.

  • 07.02.09
    Ayo Adigun

    very nice… i just want to touch them! lol

  • 07.07.09

    Nice designing collections

    Plz. give me website for free image search for designing. I’ll thankful or yours…………..

  • 02.22.12
    plastic cards

    The concept of your business cards are very creative and fantastic.Your cards color scheme inspired every one and tree design make its more perfect for your clients.

  • 09.05.12
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