Sticker-Look Business Card

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Sticker-Look Business Card

This card was inspired by a poster by Milton Glaser, which used stickers only. I wanted to incorporate a sticker look over my general message. As if the real message is beneath all the standard information. Standard US Business Card size. 16pt dull cover with matte finish.

By Jordan Sparrow

For Jordan Sparrow


  • 08.12.11

    I am looking to print a set of cards, maybe 25 – 100 cards with each having its own information. (like message for the day) Can you point me in the right direction. Most say I have to order individual sets of each messag and then collate them myself. That’s not what I want.

  • 09.02.11
    Jordan Sparrow

    I printed these at I needed something cheap, but good quality right away. These were 1000 cards for about $28. A pretty inexpensive route would be to do 250 at a time there? Otherwise there is always’s back of the card deal. A little more pricy, but high quality cards.

  • 01.21.12
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  • 05.12.12
    16pt business cards

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