SlowPrint Letterpress Card

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SlowPrint Letterpress Card

A business card for myself, showing off the perfect registration possible on the Heidelberg Windmill! Four custom mixed ink colors (four press runs!) Printed letterpress on 300gsm Hahnemulhe Copperplate Etching at Slow Print Letterpress in Dubuque, Iowa

By SlowPrint Letterpress

For Peter Fraterdeus


  • 11.28.09
    Jeannie Nguyen

    Wow! You did an amazing job with this card. Especially since it was on the windmill and you had to run the card in the machine 4 times to get all the colors! And above all of that, perfect registration. Great job. :)

  • 12.03.09
    Peter Fraterdeus

    Thanks Jeannie!
    I think all printers (and especially letterpress!) are struggling in this economy, but we will not let the quality down one millimeter ;-)
    In fact I keep pushing to make it better!!

    New cards coming soon!
    Please visit!


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