Northern Fable

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Northern Fable

Great eco-friendly designed card made out of birch bark. The design is laser engraved and uses ancient Russian typography to give it a nice traditional feeling.

By Eryomina Ekaterina

For Northern Fable


  • 02.13.13
    Northern Fable 木頭觸感 名片 | MyDesy 淘靈感

    [...] Northern Fable | Card Observer. Tweet var ujian_config = { 'num':5, 'showType':2, 'bgColor':"", 'mouseoverColor':"#75EBCD", 'textColor':"#5A8278", 'hoverTextColor':"#333333", 'borderColor':"#dddddd", 'picSize':115, 'target':0, 'textHeight':60, 'defaultPic':"", 'itemTitle':"再看一張圖會更有靈感:" } shan is shining不是天生麗質的藝術家,亦不是才華洋溢的設計師,但絕對是用心欣賞美的事物,並追求實踐在生活美學中。 現在,更學著用網路探索世界各地的創意設計,發現不同生活文化以及觀點,在ㄇㄞˋ點子和大家分享這一切!更多靈感 淘一下廣告會更有靈感 [...]

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