Lion in Oil

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Lion in Oil

The card is made of laser cut museum board. This allows the card to be read from the front or back playing off the palindrome of the name.

By John Locke and Jackie Caradonio


  • 04.20.09
    Alex Pankratov

    Remarkably clever use of an ambigram.

  • 04.20.09

    Smart usage indeed. But what kind is the background? the information layout? I really would like to see those also…

  • 04.20.09


  • 04.20.09

    Nice idea, but does it have any useful information?
    What does Lion in Oil do? How do I contact them.
    This info is probably on the back. I agree, I’d LOVE to see the back.

  • 09.22.10

    Where does one get laser cutting done??

  • 10.09.10
    Zida Borcich

    It’s not an ambigram. I made it in InDesign. You can see the back on my blog Type in Maria Bernal in the little search engine. The back is also very interesting. Thank you. Huh?

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