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Lea Alcantara

I wanted something that matched my website and reflected my personality well. I also wanted to make a statement, have people pause and recognize the card amongst a sea of other cards that are afraid to use bold colour. The spot varnish usually makes people pause and try to wiggle it against the light or feel the texture. :)

By Lea Alcantara


  • 05.05.09

    Wow you would expect such a bright color to come across as loud or over kill. Not in your case, great color, good use nice design.

  • 05.05.09

    Really nice looking card, but I would have hesitated at putting a google search term on the card itself. Seems really risky–what if you fall out of the top position, or even worse, the top ten?

  • 05.05.09

    Hi Allison, regarding the Google section, that’s exactly the point: it’s risky. Hence, people may be inclined to check it out. Which means they look at my card longer.

    Nothing’s ever guaranteed for SEO, but with the term trending at #1 for the past two years, I felt confident enough it will stay that way. (I’m #1 and #3 currently — wikipedia article on self brand is #2. #7 is actually referencing a talk I did, so that’s still me, too.)

    Who gets anywhere without making bold statements once in a while? :)

  • 05.06.09

    ballsy move missy – like it and will remember it, task completed.

  • 05.06.09
    Nathan Beck

    Yeah great approach, it doesn’t hurt to be ballsy! And you still have you other contact details on there anyway.

    Is the card actually semi transparent or is the faded reflection part of the design?

    I also love the typography, especially in your name. What font is that?

    Possibly one of my favourite cards I’ve seen on here so far!

  • 05.06.09

    Nathan, the card stock is actually just thin and I had a lot of light in the room when I took the picture. :)

    Here’s the flip side of the card:

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