Laser Cut Business Card

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Laser Cut Business Card

Personal business card that aims to reflect myself as a type driven graphic designer who has a passion for design for print. Produced by laser cutting into a fluorescent sheet of 5mm acrylic. The engraving was done on the reversed side to achieve a more polished finish to the final outcome.

By Tim Wan

For Tim Wan


  • 03.28.11

    very nice business cards! I love acrylic plexiglass! Good idea for reversed print. The surface appears smooth. It’s better! Compliments!

  • 01.20.12
    Jodi Warner

    Can bigger pieces be done…an invite???

  • 01.21.12

    Yes, why not?

  • 02.22.12

    victoria coopers design graphics are remarkable” CHICO HINOJOS DENVER,CO. 80104

  • 03.18.12
    Curatorial Me

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  • 03.18.12
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  • 03.28.12
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  • 05.04.12

    Great, but where do you order these?

  • 05.04.12

    We are manufacturer of acrylic business cards. This is our website:

  • 09.19.12

    Will you please concider adding more English to your website (pinkograf)?? I really want to order but I don’t understand it.

  • 09.19.12
    pinkograf by pinkard

    Hi Alysha! On our website there is english version, here the link:
    If you have any question, I’m at your disposal! I’m

  • 03.28.13

    where can I buy these?!?!

  • 03.29.13

    by, have a look!

  • 04.20.13
    seyram mamattah

    Awsome callcards, never seen anything like it before, just great

  • 06.17.13

    Quote me shipment of 1-100 of these cards to
    Av. das Nacoes Unidas, 12901, Sao Paulo, SP, 04578-000, Brazil
    e email me. I am in Utah. Need some products for a project. Could be big. Custom made cards sold online through my company.
    Need wholesale prices as well.

  • 06.17.13

    hi Mario.
    Send me your email address. I’ll answer there for the quote. I need to see the file before confirmation of perfect feasibility.
    Please contact me to

  • 06.25.13

    Love the green…

  • 07.13.13
    jerome lambe

    hi great card, just wondering on cost?

  • 07.14.13

    Hi Jerome. The price depends on type of acrylic. If you like fluo acrylic 1 or 3 mm thickness, the cost for 50 pcs is 185 euro (file from client) + shipping cost. If you like not fluo colors, a little bit less: 50 pcs euro 165 + shipping cost.
    Here our products:
    If you have any question or curiosity, I’m at your disposal.

  • 01.12.14
    Tina Stendahl

    I’m interested in pricing and options for business cards as to what we’re currently using! I appreciate your feedback.Thank you.

  • 01.13.14

    Hi Tina, you can contact me to So I’ll send you prices and options.
    Let me know.

  • 02.15.14
    Deborah Farrow

    I need a quote for 50 lucite cards in blue. Etched with:
    101st Grand Council Session
    “Love of Country”
    May 2015
    Orlando, Florida

  • 02.16.14

    hi Debora, do you need the cards only laser engraved or laser cut and engraved? Can you send me the file for confirmation of perfect feasibility? To So I can show you the tone of blue we have. I’m waiting for your reply.

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