Kevin Franco

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Kevin Franco

The design is pretty simple, the execution is not. On 14pt clear PVC, we printed the graphics digitally in full colour, then we silk screened white behind it to punch out the colour and highlight the text. The result is a highly noticed and talked about business card.

By Kevin Franco


  • 05.21.09
    Tan Tran


  • 05.24.09

    a great idea…. O_o

  • 06.24.09

    very good idea…congratulation

  • 06.28.09

    Really, really cool way to mix print processes – awesome!

  • 09.22.10

    While I love what can be done with plastics, as long as we don’t use or encourage the use of PVC then it’s all good. PVC is one of the worst materials we can use that isn’t good for earth. I can’t think of the names of the “ok” plastics to use at the moment but they’re out there.

  • 10.09.10
    Zida Borcich

    It’s not plastic. it’s very thick paper, museum mount, and three different foils letterpressed onto it, then edge painted.

  • 01.17.12
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