Hand Printed Letterpress

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Hand Printed Letterpress

Unique hand printed letterpress business cards on premium 300gsm Crane’s Lettra card Fluorescent white 100% cotton. Also available in Crane’s 600gsm or 425gsm Saunders Waterford paper off white (also 100% cotton). This design uses vintage fonts and a vintage letterpress border ornament (Fonts used: Kaufmann Bold; Granby; Gill Sans).

By Maple Tea

For Alex Khan


  • 04.09.12
    Brian Lucas

    I think the print job itself is beautiful. The spacing of the cursive letters hurts it. The ‘s’ looks like a ‘d’ at first glance.

    Like the simplicity and color.

    Dislike the title spacing. Also, maybe the lines there could have had something to do with music? Like a music staff printed there could have been amazing.

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