Green Business Card

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Green Business Card

The World’s Greenest Business Card is the MOST ethically and socially responsibly produced business card: manufactured on 100% post-consumer waste recycled Canadian paper with FSC and EcoLogo certified stock. Printed waterless with low impact vegetable inks.

By Bernard Hellen

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  • 12.21.09

    Greenest business card?

    No offense, but wouldn’t it be greener not to use a business card? These things still require resources and energy to be produced and transported. Maybe use a digital vcard or simply write your info on a scrap of paper. Hats off for making environmental motivated choices, but let’s be aware of the greater context and the impact of the decisions we make as designers. Sometimes the greenest decision is to refrain.

  • 12.22.09

    Kevin.. Not to disappoint you but all the examples you described aren’t any cleaner (Perhaps even vice verse)…. also those require energy and sources to develop it. All in all there isn’t a “green” card. But we can try to get close to it. and this example here gets close enough to it and is a good example to big firms as also to small business. The idea matters and here the idea is good. Its all about making choices…. ;)

  • 12.29.09

    Kevin, you’re right but then it would just be the World’s Greenest and not the World’s Greenest Business Card. Am I right about that? I think the point of the program is to make things better than they are, which it most definitely does. And yes, you can use paper scraps or whatever and you Kevin, could by a piece of land and live off that. You wouldn’t use a toilet, by consumables or even use energy! Does that sound reasonable?

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