Fifth Floor Gallery

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Fifth Floor Gallery

Wooden business card of the Fifth Floor Gallery. Found in dailypoetics’ flickr collection.

For Fifth Floor Gallery


  • 03.21.09
    Tan Tran

    I have often thought about doing this but in the end its a very cost-ineffective way of making business cards, especially when it has no direct bearing on the business, ie a link between timber and the business itself.

  • 03.23.09

    Hi, wonderfull business card. I have one question, how do you get the deepening(letters) in the card?

  • 03.23.09
    Tan Tran


    In the same way that you get full depth cuts, by burning away the material using a CO2 laser. With a reduced power level the laminate is burned at a slower rate hence it doesn’t ‘cut’ all the way through.


  • 03.24.09

    Though I somewhat agree with Tan Tran, I turn allways to the basc question: for what purpose the businesscard is made for:
    - to remind for the contact info
    - Somewhat to reflect the business by materiall / layout / colors / schema
    - BUT also to be remembered from among other cards.

    If I have had the luxury to be given a wooden card – I would definitely remember THAT card…

    Definitely a plus for the courage to use wood as a material – love the cut and the style – welldone.. But… I find myself wondering: howabout the endurance of the card? And does it breakdown/harm the wallet (Like some metal card I have had XD )

  • 03.24.09

    I find that the beauty of the card and shock at its material is somewhat ruined by the mundane contact information presented. It’s like rolling out a red carpet and trumpet accompaniment to a trip to the toilet.

  • 03.25.09

    True true… The design lacks somewhat – but otherwise – Damn…

  • 03.25.09
    Tan Tran

    yeah the design is not brilliant. by using laser you’re basically handed a free ‘die cutter’. There could have been so much more creativity in this card but the design is definitely lacking. I can only assume that the designer doesn’t know the full capability of the machine. I have my several laser cutters and its amazing the things you can do with timber or polymers, you can even bend metal.

    also Esq, in answer to your earlier question, he’s probably using either an ash veneer or a 3 layer plywood, both of which are very flexible and not very durable at all, the card doesn’t look like its been vanished or lacquered in anyway so the durability is even less…

  • 04.01.09

    Great cards!
    I love this!

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  • 03.11.12
    Creative Pile

    We are in the process of designing wood business cards for our customers. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • 08.01.12

    who made the fifth floor card?? thanks.

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