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Emmanuel Borgarelli

Graphic and web design.

By Emmanuel Borgarelli


  • 05.04.09

    I don’t know if I hate or love these cards – And that’s a good thing – since then they stays more in memory. Got my attention ;)

  • 05.04.09

    LOL :D i think this work perfectly

  • 05.04.09

    These are one of the most original and simple cards i have ever seen! If you pay attention, they are smart, direct, clear… i would like to contact the designer…

  • 05.04.09

    This cards really capture my atention and are fantastic, Congratulation!
    I think that the colours, and the design of the letters are great!
    I look your web page and i like it so much!

  • 05.05.09
    Nathan Beck

    They sure do stand out. I’d rather go for something like this than a subtle minimal letterpress card any day.

  • 05.08.09

    I really like this card design. In many ways the design could be disliked; but the simple, easy-to-read text is functional.

    And that’s the point, right? A functional business card.

  • 05.08.09

    haha_nice! n bold ++

  • 05.22.09
    Ayo Adigun

    really cool idea. I built a website similar to this…

    nice execution.

  • 05.23.09
    Emmanuel Borgarelli

    Thank you all for the comments!

  • 05.26.09

    Not a massive fan but as people have said it does get the message across!

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