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Dreamten Studios

Designed by Philip Lester for his design and development company Dreamten Studios. It has rounded edges and is printed on frosted translucent plastic with chrome/reflective lettering.

By Dreamten Studios


  • 01.29.09
    Nicole Periche

    I love it!!! it is so clean, and so modern.-

  • 01.29.09
    Bruno Casarini

    Really, really, really nice. I mean it.

  • 01.29.09
    Eric E. Anderson


  • 01.30.09
    Heiko Klingele

    Awesome! Where you printed this card?

  • 01.30.09

    My favourite. Nice selection. Good job

  • 01.30.09
    Philip Lester

    You can get them printed at a place out of the UK called Plasma Design – They are very responsive and have great customer service. My first batch of 500 was slightly off centered and I asked for a new one. Within 5 days I had a brand new batch shipped to me next day air at no additional charge… I highly recommend them.

  • 02.02.09
    Fabiano Coelho

    Looks nice indeed

  • 02.02.09
    Nathan Beck

    Stunning, way to break out of the typical card and opt for something more durable and great use of clear plastic to create a really modern feel.

  • 02.02.09
    Linda Lee

    I am totally WOWED by this card. I want one like this! How can I make something like this for my business…

  • 02.09.09

    …quede impresionado con esta tarjeta!!…

  • 02.11.09
    Benedikt Roßgardt

    Very nice design and idea!

  • 04.06.09

    This card made me go WOW too! It’s very rarely a business card will do that…

  • 04.07.09
    sachin khobragade

    Looks very clean & decent Business Card.

  • 04.14.11
    alexander Martinez

    me gustaria adquirir algunas tarjetas en este material
    y que costo tienen

  • 04.28.11
    Naskar Hansam

    I’m in Indonesia, how can I get this card?

  • 08.04.11
    Phillip Van Doren

    I want to know how I can order?

  • 08.04.11
    Phillip Van Doren

    How can I order?

  • 08.26.11

    I like this business card. I want contact details to give order like ph, address, email, website etc….asap.. pls send me the details to my mail id…

  • 10.22.11
    Ulises Espinosa

    Me gusta este diseño, complicada sencillez.
    Necesito saber el costo para imprimir 1,000 tarjetas
    Favor de enviar información a

  • 01.03.12

    what’s the per piece cost? If it’s way expensive I’d rather not give them out at will…. defeats the purpose *heh*

  • 04.26.12
    Natalia Aguilera

    Tengo unda duda!!!, me gustaria saber los valores y los costos de impresion de tarjetas de presentacion de este sustrato.
    Soy chilena, envian al extranjero?????

  • 05.06.12

    This glass styled business card rockz.. and where i can download this work card.

  • 05.07.13

    hola me gustaría saber si hacen envios a Chile y que costo tendría éste??

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  • 11.25.13
    Abaguba sampson

    i love it

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