Betsy Hammill

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Betsy Hammill

City bird or country bird? Betsy needed a versatile card that wouldn’t go out of style. This one changes with its surroundings. And she likes birds.

By Kelli Anderson


  • 02.23.09
    Miles Tinsley

    I like the cut out. Where did you get this printed?

  • 02.25.09

    Thanks! I printed them on a pearl 7×11 Ns press. Cheers,

  • 02.26.09

    Can you tell us where we can get a print like that, please :o )

    Its maybe also a nice feature for this site, if we can see where people did get there print from ;o)

    Greetings André

  • 03.02.09
    Kelli Anderson

    No problem — sorry to be unclear. I have a small letterpress shop set up in my apartment, so I printed the cards here (on a very heavy machine.) The inkless printing is referred to as a “blind emboss,” whereas the grey bit is just straight letterpress printing.

    There are several fantastic letterpress shops with an online presence (and nice people on the other side of that online presence,) so just consult with the google. I print with more pressure than traditional letterpress (to accentuate the texture of the design as much as possible…and to torture my press) — so when working with a printer, be sure to let them know that this is what you want.

    I sometimes work with other designers to get their stuff printed in the 3rd dimension, so feel free to drop me a line. Hope this is helpful, and apologies for the long-winded-ness.

  • 03.02.09

    Thanks Kelli Anderson the feedback & FYI.

    I love this Card.
    - Nice natural colors.
    - Emboss letters
    - Figure cutt out
    - And the card looks like its made from recycled paper? (don’t know if thats tue… but okay)


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