Acrylic Business Card

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Acrylic Business Card

It is done on 1.5mm clear acrylic and laser etched. I wanted my business card to be different to others at my end of year exhibition. Even though I got the thinnest acrylic possible It is still thick enough to be a kind of what the factor “why is this card so thick” I rounded the corners so it wont tear peoples wallets but leave an impression on them from the hundreds of cards they will pick up on the night.

By Aaron Kanters

For Aaron Kanters


  • 12.14.09

    Now hereĀ“s a cool idea… I would perhaps added one color (Pantone) print to back side or done #smoked glass” feeling on some areas to form a other surfaces/dimensions. But all in all good idea :)

  • 01.07.10

    elegant elegant business cards!
    I have a collection of transparent business cards but the thickness is more thin.
    These cards are printed on clear PVC, thickness 20 mil.
    The card must be usable simply, according to me.
    But surely this card gives “image” and for creative people will be “winner”

  • 05.06.10
    Transparent Business Cards « adam jones

    [...] [...]

  • 08.17.10
    Alia Arain

    These are beautiful and I’m interesting in getting something similar done. Could you tell me where you got them made from?

  • 07.02.12

    If you contact you can get amazing business cards my boyfriend just got his set designed and made

  • 03.05.13
    Mike Isaak

    Just the idea I am looking for, where did you get the acrylic cards printed?

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