3 Keys Business Card

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3 Keys Business Card

These three keys are synonymous with problems. I decided to take that idea and humanize it, taking into consideration how we all have a million things going through our heads, and occasionally either we explode or simply reboot…with a little help from our shrink!

By B-Type Design

For Jack Napier


  • 07.30.10

    original business card … very nice!

  • 07.30.10

    gorgeous! Love it!

  • 07.30.10
    Alex Pankratov

    Nice. This would work for Windows patients only though… on the other hand way fewer Mac and *nix users need a reboot, so all’s cool :)

  • 07.30.10
    Alessandro Gugliotta

    Good point, Alex…but still…I think both Mac and non-Mac users alike know what Ctrl-Alt-Del means, which is why I think this card works…

  • 07.30.10
    Alessandro Gugliotta

    And by the by…I don’t know if any of you noticed who the Dr. is… hehehe.

  • 08.01.10

    finally an original and thoughtful business card

  • 08.05.10

    Well this hit the spot. this has something that makes you smile :)

  • 08.23.10

    Gimmicky. I would want my psychologist to be professional and this doesn’t give that impression, it looks like a card that I’d pick up at a student degree show. Also, why is it dirty looking?

  • 08.23.10

    Dear Dungolfin:

    The card is dirty because the manufacturing process makes it that way (laser cut) and secondly, it’s meant to be a joke. Look at the shrinks name: its The Joker from Batman. A little sense of humor never hurt anyone.. hint hint.

  • 08.30.10
    John Kirk

    Technically, nobody knows the Jokers real name. It was ONLY used in the 1st batman movie with Jack Nicholson. But true to the books….we don’t know.

    Either way….the card is FANTASTIC!

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